A brilliant meteor shower will soar across Australia tonight

Calling all star lovers! Tonight, a seriously spectacular meteor shower is headed Down Under – and with perfect visibility, clear skies and a new moon on the horizon, it’s highly likely that if you’re on the east coast, you’ll get to see absolutely everything.

This is truly what astronomical dreams are made of.

The Piscis Austrinids will be soaring across the Southern Hemisphere from July 28 to August 10, bringing some insane star-studded shows in its wake. Three of the most jaw-dropping meteor showers are set to take over Aussie skies this week, starting with a beautiful show on July 28, and another two on July 30. Spoiler: one of these heavenly performances includes actual, real-life fireballs.

Yep. Not a drill.

On July 28, all east coast dwellers are advised to turn to the southeast at 8pm, with Professor Orsola De Marco from Macquarie University count The Guardian that the Piscis Austrinids meteor shower would rise at 8pm and would travel closer to due east by 11pm. De Marco advised east coast dwellers to “look about 45 degrees up – about halfway between the horizon and above your head”, for the very best view possible of tonight’s star show.

so, according to De Marco, the Southern Delta Aquariids on July 30 will have the most meteors happening within its shower, with 20 coming in per hour at its peak. The Piscis Austrinids on July 28 and the Alpha Capricornids on July 30 will clock in with fewer meteors, but the Alpha Capricornids will be extremely bright, with it bringing us a fair few fizzing fireball meteors that will be as bright as Venus in the early morning and evening. This show will be happening at 11pm on Saturday, July 30, and will be visible 65 degrees upwards from the horizon in the north-northeast.

Want to get yourself to the very best place possible to see this once-in-a-lifetime event? Head to the Royal National Park – or, check out our list of the best stargazing spots in Sydney.

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